Micheal Lonstar   

is arguably the most important figure of country music in Poland, one of its father-founders and a major driving force behind this subculture, an authentic Living Legend.
Singer, guitar player, songwriter with an impressive list of hits to his credit that in time have become the evergreen anthems, producer of his own musical projects, concert-and-festival promoter, dedicated propagator of country lifestyle: in articles, radio and TV shows as well as through his own image and activities, from his distinctive attire to his consistent attitude of a romantic cowboy, an intelligent rebel and a critical chronicler of the world we live in.
Cult hero of the entire generation of Polish country artists and fans alike, he enjoys recognition and respect of artistic circles in Poland and in the USA as well.

They call him the “Renaissance Man”: architecture graduate (for a number of years active in that profession), graphic designer, water- color painter, film critic and a sought-after master of ceremonies at the film and music festivals, translator (English and Italian) and dancer who has helped to unleash the American “line dance fever” in Poland…

He prefers to define himself as a universal man of culture. He speaks through a variety of art forms. His life’s mission is the defense of culture, beauty and human dignity against the invasion of hypocrisy, ignorance and mediocrity. 

LONSTAR is a true heir and continuator of the tradition of Western Lonely 
The whole biography you can find here: https://www.lonstar.pl/en/