To all European Musicians, Instrmentalists, Choirs, Music-Lovers, Producers, and everyone else involved in Music - the international language:
Let's all record the above song by Reba McEntire "Pray For Peace" as a joint project, in all languages of the Earth, so that we can reach all people across the globe!
We, the people of Europe, with our multitude of languages and cultures can join this movement, and truly change the world!
The Song is quite simple, and can be adapted to any musical genre.
My vision is for all of us to show all of our fans and the world that we care. This might be the one way we can make the people at the top stop with their madness.

My vision is also, that we have the simple lyrics translated into all of our languages, and record it. No money to be earned, but we get the gift of world peace, if we succeed.

Anyone willing to contribute to this global effort, please contact me. I will post a draft recording of the song as soon as I have some participants.
Spread the word, please!


We need your help!

We have had confirmations of support from some musicians and singers. Thank you already! Also, we will be receiving support for the Video Production, and several folks from Radio and Press have confirmed support! I am overwhelmed!
What we need is translations of the simple line "We Want Peace". So far we have a greek, french, hungarian and thai translators.
Also, please make some short Video clips, that support the statement "We Want Peace", and send the link (youtube, Vimeo etc.). We will then start to compile a Video to the song with all your clips included.


Let's transpose 1 step with each different language, to include all 12 keys. That way everyone will be able to sing, play, etc.


23 July 2014

I have added the Facebook comments option at the bottom of this page, for those of you with access to Facebook. If you don't have Facebook, please use the contact form below, and I can (if you want to) post your comment without without your name.
At some point soon, I will add some sort of a feature, that will indicate which things are still needed for this project.
We are now also listed at https://www.country-time-de.com/pray-for-peace

24 July 2014

We have a song, folks!
I was just now informed, that we will have a website for this project!

28 July 2014

The original Post on Facebook has been seen by 2600 people so far! and it has been shared over 100 times! Thank you!!!


© Jesse Cole, Jeffrey Backus

Peace, Peace, Peace, We want Peace!
Peace, Peace, Peace, We want Peace!
Ist es so schwer zu verstehen: We want Peace!
Can’t you understand, we need a helping hand: We want Peace!
We stand together, our number make us strong
We can’t be stopped, don’t take us wrong
Come join the world from Peru to Hong Kong
And quit doing all that wrong!